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Internal Stakeholders

Campus Dining Policy

Campus Dining Policy (Currently under review)

This policy is intended to clearly communicate to all campus stakeholders, the regulations relating to serving and providing food on the Bishop’s University campus and to ensure that only food prepared and served safely and that complies with all provincial regulations is available at events on campus.

See the complete Campus Dining Policy (PDF).

Potlucks applications must be received two weeks in advance to ensure that there is time to coordinate all necessary arrangements. Individual groups are responsible for reserving the space for their potluck according to the guidelines outlined in Appendix 3 Organizing Potlucks on Campus of the Campus Dining Policy.

For fundraising bake sales, applications must be submitted three days in advance for approval.

Application to provide food on campus.

To order food on campus for your event you must use one of our tree dedicated caterers. Click on the logos to see the menus.

If you would like to order from Sodexo, you can do it yourself by calling BU ext. 2640 or emailing them at

Sodexo catering menu

If you would like to order from either Café Massawippi or Café Caus, we ask you to go through one of the Conference Coordinators (Martine ext. 2951 or Annie ext. 2851) who will be able to place your order with the caterer.

Café Caus catering menu Café Massawippi catering menu

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy

The campus Alcohol Policy outlines the rules and regulations related to the use and sale of all liquor on the Bishop’s University Campus.

See the complete Alcohol Policy (PDF).

Let Residence and Conference Services organize your bar event stress free! Faculty and Staff have many tasks to take care of, so why not let us take one off your hands. We offer a complete one stop shop for your event. Let our professional staff make your event a success.

  • No shopping
  • No set up
  • No clean up

You can organize your event in one of our beautiful rooms with a permanent alcohol license. Our team will take care of everything: ordering the alcohol according to your needs, having the room set up the way you want it, scheduling certified (Serving in action) bartenders, serving and cleaning the rooms. All you’ll have to do to is enjoying the event with your guests.

There is a charge of $15.00/hour (minimum 3 hours) for the bartender service.

See the bar menu (PDF)

Rooms with a permanent alcohol license:

Adams Dining Room (ADR)

The Gait

Golf Course

Cleghorn Room

Centennial Theatre Lobby

For events in rooms without a permanent license:

If you wish to organize an event outside the permanently licensed rooms you will need to order a special permit “Permis de réunion” at least 14 days prior to your event. To order your “Permis de réunion”, contact Annie Lavarière at ext. 2851.

There are a variety of options for an event with a Permis de reunion. See the Reunion Permit Procedure for more information (PDF).

Contact Residence and Conference Services at ext. 2651 for more details.

Meeting Spaces Reservation for the following:

  • Adams Room (ADR),
  • Cleghorn (Faculty Lounge),
  • McGreer Tomlinson 100,
  • Paterson Assembly Hall,
  • International Centre,
  • Loft Meeting Room.

Please use RoomIT to schedule the above meeting spaces.

For any other meeting spaces or classrooms, see below:


To schedule a classroom during the Fall and Winter semesters.
Classrooms are available between the 1st day of classes until the end of the exam period:.

  • Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Exam period (24h/7)

Contact person: Mary Lou MacDonald, ext. 2225
Except for classrooms listed in sections below.

To book a Bishop’s classroom outside the Fall and Winter semester or during weekends (Friday 6:00 PM to Sunday 10:00 PM), contact:
Residence & Conference office, ext. 2685

To book a Champlain College Classrooms, contact:
Jennifer McLeod, 819-564-3666 ext. 0
See sections Nicolls, Molson, and Johnson below.

Computer Labs
Computer Labs (as a lab with a course): Mary Lou MacDonald, ext. 2225
Hamilton 150 and 300

Hamilton 150: Mr. Scott Stoddard, ext 2738

Hamilton 300:

  • Sept. 5th, 2016 to May 26th, 2017: Nanci Chagnon, ext. 2472
  • During the Summer: Residence & Conference office, ext. 2685
Johnson 20, 101, 108, 118, 119, 201, 301

Johnson 118 – Computer Science:
Jean Porter, ext 2355

Johnson 20, 101, 108, 119, 201, 301:
Jennifer McLeod, Champlain College, 819-564-3666 ext. 0

Molson 12
Molson 12: Jennifer McLeod, Champlain College, 819-564-3666 ext. 0
Morris House Room 6

Morris House Conference Room 6:

  • Until add/drop deadline of each semester: Mary Lou MacDonald, ext. 2225
  • Any other time: Mrs. Monique Lafaille, ext. 2447
Nicolls 3, 5, 7, 110, 111, 113, 114, 115, 212, 215, 216, 310, 313

Nicolls 110 – Social Science Computer Lab:
ITS Helpdesk, ext. 2273
As a lab with a course: Mary Lou MacDonald, ext. 2225

Nicolls 111 – Business Lab:
ITS Helpdesk, ext. 2273
As a lab with a course: Mary Lou MacDonald, ext. 2225

Nicolls 113, 310, 313:
Mrs. Kimberlee Maheu, ext. 2658

Nicolls : 3, 5, 7, 114, 115, 212, 215, 216:
Jennifer McLeod, Champlain College, 819-564-3666 ext. 0

Norton 127 and practice rooms: Mrs. Monique Lafaille, ext. 2447
Old Library
Old Library: Anna Grant, ext. 2609
Performance Centres

Art Gallery: Gentiane Belanger, ext. 2687

Bandeen Hall and Lobby:

  • Internal: Monique Lafaille, ext 2447 (from 1st day of Champlain classes to last day of Champlain classes).
  • External: Residence & Conference office, ext. 2685 (Space must still be reserved with Monique).
  • As classroom usage: Mary Lou MacDonald, ext. 2225
  • During the Summer: Residence & Conference office, ext. 2685

Centennial Theatre and Lobby: Sonia Patenaude, ext. 2617

Sports Centre
Sports Centre: Christopher Fowlis, ext. 2629
SUB spaces (Marjorie Donald House)

SUB Lobby: Nick Venditti, ext.2298

The Gait (Memorial Hall): Nick Venditti, ext.2298

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